Hide and seek with Borrelia Burgdorferi

An uninvited visitor comes to call
and tag, I’m it;
the next host for Borrelia Burgdorferi.

Now endless rounds of
hide and seek.
Wrapped in a cloak of invisibility
Borrelia stealthily plays its wicked tricks.

Snow sounds in my head
an endless shhhhh . . .
like in the old days
when the TV station
shut down for the night.
Please make it stop.

Pains stab my knees,
toes and fingers
shouting to be noticed.
Some days you hide quietly
Blessed relief.

My energy waxes and wanes
like the tides
dragging my feelings of well-being with it
like seaweed tossed in the surf.

Round after round
of hide and seek.
Which medicine or herb will find it?
(Which ones will my body tolerate?)
Is the next ache or burning nerve a sign
that it is dying or multiplying?

On goes the search
for understanding, for answers;
me looking for my
ollie, ollie, in come free.

Note: Borrelia Burdorferi is the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease.   “Ollie, ollie in come free” is also said as “ollie, ollie oxen free” at the end of the children’s game of Hide and Seek to give the remaining players safe harbor.

5 thoughts on “Hide and seek with Borrelia Burgdorferi

    • Sara – know that you are not alone in dealing with this or feeling afraid of this disease. I encourage you to hold fast to your goals and dreams as your reasons for getting well; picture what your life will be like when you get to the other side of this. (Thanks for your kind words regarding my writing and for reaching out as a fellow traveler on this healing journey.)


  1. Cyndi, It is a powerful poem and my heart goes out to you. It is amazing that something so small can have such an impact on us. We spend so much time outdoors, it is scary. So let’s hope that soon you’ll be writing about beating it, and enjoying a full life without the pain


  2. very powerful message from deep within. Please continue to share as I’m sure this too is part of a healing process of clearing you free of Lyme Disease


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