Soggy Goldfinch

There is a soggy goldfinch outside the kitchen window feasting on the seeds of the prickly cone flower heads that I have intentionally left standing quite untidily in the garden for hungry birds. I would take a photo of it but my current camera doesn’t have a strong enough zoom on it to capture it. You will have to trust me that it is there, with sopping wet feathers sort of clumped together but also puffed up a bit like she is trying to stay warm. Her dull yellow plumage tells me that it is a female. She must really be hungry since she has been feeding in the rain for the last half an hour and doesn’t look to be in any hurry to move on.

She has me thinking, is it possible that there is any value in my observations of the natural world that could translate into making a living? Do they just bring me pleasure or would they resonate with other people too?

When I think about spending days paying attention to the natural world rather than thinking of my daily struggles to somehow manage to do my job well while trying to heal from Lyme, I get a sense of peace and connection rather than my usual sense of being tired and that I’m just not doing quite enough.

Maybe something to give more consideration to.

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