My hypnosis experiment: Visit 3 – acceptance of limitations

I’m sure there is some psychologist out there that would have some theory to explain why my current job in my journey in healing from Lyme Disease is acceptance of my reality. My reality is that given my CD57 lab numbers, I’m probably faring pretty well with the level of my symptoms compared to some other people. But my reality also is that I have not had normal sleep or energy for over a year, I have some days when the pain is so bad in my knees I just want to crawl back into bed, I have to limit my activities even after 8 months of treatment because there is only so much energy to go around.

My reality is that I had to face my anger that my best energy goes to work, leaving little left for things that matter to me such as working in my garden, walking in the woods, traveling to see my aging parents and spending time with a very ill friend. And my irritation at HAVING to work full time in order to have health insurance and really wondering if the full time work is interfering with my ability to heal. That is where the hypnosis comes in.

I decided to try hypnosis a couple months back when I recognized the reality that my body is having a hard time to heal on its own. I wanted to find a way to tap into the power of my mind to support my body to heal. Being more of a realist than an unbridled optimist, that meant I had my work cut out for me. I have managed three trips to the hypnotherapist so far, about once every three weeks.

What I’m noticing is that these visits add some structure to my thinking prompting me to make decisions and then voicing out loud what I want to be my reality; clearly putting my intentions out in the universe. Intentions such as deciding I have a powerful mind and choosing to believe that it can help me heal. And this week, deciding it is more helpful to accept my limitations and live with them rather than fight them.

 Extra: The CD57 measures Natural Killer Cells. Depending on who you read, some doctors recommend being above 100 before you stop treatment, others above 200. My most recent CD57 was at 37.

One thought on “My hypnosis experiment: Visit 3 – acceptance of limitations

  1. We are always told you don’t fully understand things until we have experienced them first hand. The love a parent has for a child, the loss of a loved one or the loss of an ability we once had. This is so true. When chronic illness takes hold we go through many stages. Denial perhaps, anger and then acceptance. I personally get angry about many tasks I can no longer do because of pain and various chronic ailments……but only for a moment. There is no room in my life for self pity. I feel so blessed to have had so many wonderful experiences in my life, and continue to have.

    The positive part of having a chronic condition is the awareness you now have of what REALLY does matter. The empathy you gain for others who do not have the capabilities of a “healthy” person. You no longer take things for granted and may not be so quick to judge others.

    Those magical moments outdoors is when we are in our element. I swear it is in our blood due to our upbringing. For some reason we really seem to connect to nature. Those times you spend with your husband, friends & family. Oh yes and our dogs…….perhaps they should be first on the list! Our ever faithful dogs……

    As far as hypnosis and the power of the mind goes- you told me 24 years ago to imagine what kind of woman I would like to be like and then do it. That was part of a much longer conversation than that but it changed my life. Because I BELIEVED it.


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