Monkey studies & Galileo (Feb. 2012)


Acupuncture today. A rather intense treatment. I feel good about the acupuncture and hope it will help me with my goal of speedy healing by supporting the immune system. It can’t hurt.

Tomorrow I will test out my first batch of homemade sauerkraut. Have 3 batches going, a green cabbage, a red cabbage and a carrot/ginger. Beautiful colors!

Just finished reading a Lyme trial on monkeys. Frightening. The standard IDSA protocols failed 100% of the time for short-term treatment within 28 days of infection. (that would be me). Also, a 90 day regimen for late disseminated Lyme only succeeded 25% of the time. So, guess I will be doing this treatment for a while but still have that 6 month point as my goal. And let me add; poor monkeys – if the dam IDSA would simply allow in the already existing science there would be no need to torture the poor animals. Why is it that we can allow poor science to convince the FDA to allow aspartame on the market but the IDSA/CDC ignores repeated science with consistent outcomes showing the need for different Lyme protocols? I don’t get it. Remember Galileo. “They” didn’t listen to him either.

Right now the amoxicillin and coptis are sitting heavy in my stomach. Last dose of the day with the fewest number of pills. Today, almost no nausea (yeah!) and only scattered pain. Finishing 7th week of treatment.

Extra: Galileo’s daughter – a great read!

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