Healing Walk (April, 2012)


What feels right, right now is to spend time walking in my healing place in the company of my dear friend Rose (my chocolate lab companion). So that is what we did at 6:00 am this morning when I could not go back to sleep. It feels right to spend some time where the earth feels strong and magical, letting the sounds of the stream tumbling over granite wash its soothing song through my head. Where the hemlock forest is mature and has borne witness to far more footsteps than I am old. I wander through the boggy seeps tucked between the rows of glacial hills and soak in the rich green of the mosses and ferns and smell the earthy smell of decomposition. Ahhhhh. . . . Yup, just right.

Tree roots twisting toward the river. (Soil washed away in flooding)

Example of a tree growing on a “pillow”. The tree sprouted on a decomposing tree stump or log which has since rotted away leaving roots with gaps underneath

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