beaver dam red leaves (600x450)

Some beautfiul foliage from New Hampshire

The mountains up north are in peak color right now but things are looking quite pretty right here in our neck of the woods.  I went bushwhacking along this brook on Saturday toward a bright spot in the woods and look what I found!  A nice little beaver dam! A peak into the small pond…

Could bringing jobs and taxes home reduce gun violence?

And to those leaders of multi-national corporations who are also renowned philanthropists, I ask you this: “If you have accumulated billions of dollars to give away, was it really ever necessary to build your factories overseas in the first place?” Though your spirit of giving is appreciated I think if you asked people, they would far rather have a living wage job and earn their own money to take care of their family than to be a beneficiary of one of your grant programs.

the poor tired shovel

Change – Weekly Photo Challenge

The shovel stands quite exhausted among a tangle of ground covers, weeds and fallen apples filling in where once there was freshly dug soil from the late spring project of working on the garden path gently (or not so gently) reminding its owner to finish the task.  It’s owner remembering the exuberant feeling of spring…