apple branch (450x600)

The crooked apple tree

One day, completely unnoticed by the family, a small little seed sprouted on the edge of the compost pile. Time passed. The seed grew a woody stem and leaves. “Look! A little tree!,” the lady exclaimed. “It looks like a baby apple tree or maybe a pear tree.” For several years the baby tree grew…

We are ebay

We are ebay

Ebay has helped us to turn a father-son auto project into a growing business. Being able to put our niche products out into the world at little cost transformed our business from a one-person machine shop that made other peoples stuff (contract machining) into a 5-person business with two of our own product lines now making up 75% of our sales and growing.


The things I might have learned

If my Abenaki grandmother did not have to live white, I might have learned the uses for heal-all, burdock and spirea. How to read the meaning in a wolf call. I might have learned to weave baskets of sweetgrass, the best time to dig the root of the blackberry, the names of the healing plants…

Warm evening sun

From Every Angle: Weekly Photo Challenge

This series of photographs was from our vacation to Mt. Desert Island in Maine in June.  This triangular rock sitting on the seawall caught my attention.   I liked the soft, curved angles created by time and the sea. These photos are from slightly different angles taken during the rapidly changing light of nightfall. It’s…